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What does it take to protect your rights after you have suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one because of someone else's negligence? With decades of successful trial experience, the attorneys of Laminack, Pirtle & Martines know exactly what kind of sophisticated, intelligent strategy and aggressive representation it takes.

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Our attorneys have helped our clients obtain significant settlements and jury awards needed for a lifetime of medical care and financial loss. Contact our offices in Houston, Texas, to schedule a free consultation as soon as possible after an accident.

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We restrict our litigation practice to catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death and cases involving significant commercial disputes. Click on the bars below for more information about our practice areas.


With the state legislature behind them, Texas courts have increasingly ruled on behalf of large pharmaceutical manufacturers. If the FDA approved the drug, they argue, then it must be safe and the drug company is absolved of liability. But juries need to hear more than just test results. We present evidence of unique side effects and long-term injury that go beyond FDA testing. We find the real injury and losses behind the drug company's greed.

  • Transvaginal Mesh & Sling Products
  • Risperdal-Gynecomastia
  • Reglan
  • IVC Filters
  • Zofran
  • Nexium / Prilosec / Prevacid

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Medical Devices

Claims for injuries caused by medical devices are included under the heading of pharmaceutical liability. Under Section 201 of the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, a device is defined as "an instrument, apparatus, implement, machine, contrivance, implant, in vitro reagent, or other similar or related article, including any component, part, or accessory, which is ... intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease..." Examples of medical devices includes:

  • Defibrillators
  • Breast & Other Cosmetic Implants
  • Orthopedic Screws
  • Hip Implants
  • Knee Implants
  • Heart Valves
  • Transvaginal Mesh & Sling Products

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Catastrophic Injuries

We have seen the worst effects that a spinal cord injury, a traumatic brain injury, blindness or internal injuries have on a family. We have committed our practice to representing victims and families that don't have the capacity to stand up and fight on their own.

  • Paralysis, spinal cord injuries
  • Loss of sight, blindness
  • Severe electrical shock
  • Brain Damage
  • Severe scarring, reconstructive surgery
  • Burns

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Commercial Litigation

Our broad perspective and experience in all areas of complex litigation benefit our business clients who are seeking to resolve disputes efficiently and cost-effectively. We use our experience to seek and find the right solution. The key is our capability for aggressive litigation, and our reputation for resolving disputes - with litigation as the last resort. We represent our clients in federal, state and local jurisdictions.

  • Breach of contract litigation
  • Property disputes
  • Licenses, distribution agreements
  • Licenses, distribution agreements
  • Purchase and sales disputes
  • Partnership dissolutions, business divorce
  • Intellectual property, copyright and trademark litigation
  • Business lease disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Employment disputes, compensation
  • Licenses, distribution agreements

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Personal Injury

Personal injury lawsuits are filed by people (or their representatives) injured due to the negligence of someone else. The injury may be either physical or emotional, and it can arise from a variety of sources or types of conduct. The goal of a personal injury action is to determine who was responsible and to compel the responsible party to compensate the injured person for the losses sustained

  • Premises Liability Claims
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Dangerous or Defective Products
  • Wrongful Death
  • Product Liability
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Assaults and Battery

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Product Liability

Manufacturing safety regulations in the United States are intended to assure the public that products that enter our marketplace are safe from dangerous defects. Unfortunately, the past several years has seen an erosion of product safety laws, as state legislatures and the U.S. Congress have given in to demands to relax safety standards. The result has been a dramatic increase in serious injuries and deaths resulting from defects and dangerous designs.

  • Unsafe Medical Devices
  • Explosions and Burns
  • Defective Toys
  • Pharmaceutical Liability
  • Industrial Product defects, Workplace Injuries
  • Toxic Exposure Injuries
  • Food Products

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Property Damage

Human-induced or manmade earthquakes are causing significant damages to property throughout the United States especially in Oklahoma and Kansas. Manmade earthquakes are increasing at a rapid rate and fracking is the link.

If a manmade earthquake has caused damaged to your property, you could be eligible for compensation. Earthquake damage is typically not covered by your home owner or property insurance. The attorneys at Laminack, Pirtle & Martines will fight to get you the money to fix your property damages.

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Hurricane Claims

If your home or business flooded or had an increase of flooding because of the intentional release of water from the Addicks & Barker Reservoirs, you have the right to seek compensation for the damage to your property. Our Hurricane Harvey attorneys have received permission to file monetary claims in Washington D.C. against the U.S. Federal Government. Call us at 713-292-2750 to discuss your case for free.

If you live in one of the affected zip codes or neighborhoods, please contact our attorneys today for a free consultation.

Neighborhoods affected, but not limited to, include:

  • Memorial Thicket
  • Fleetwood
  • Thornwood
  • Memorial Glen
  • Yorkshire
  • Dairy Ashford to Highway 6
  • Rummels Creek to Piney Point to I-10
  • Briar Forest and the Beltway
  • Neighborhoods along Buffalo Bayou

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