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Catastrophic Injuries

Injuries that are considered catastrophic, due to their enormous impact they have include the following: brain injury, spinal cord injury, accidental amputation, severe burns, multiple fractures, or other, neurological disorders.

Has a Catastrophic Injury Changed Your Life?

A catastrophic accident doesn't just affect the injury victim. Your entire family will suffer because of high medical bills, lost earnings and the loss of companionship by a loved one. If you have been affected by a life-changing injury, get full, unwavering representation. Laminack, Pirtle & Martines is recognized as one of the prominent personal injury law firms in the nation.

Catastrophic Injury Overview

A catastrophic injury or illness usually occurs suddenly and without warning. Injuries that are considered catastrophic (due to the enormous impact they have on the lives of the individuals who experience them) include brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, severe burns, multiple fractures and neurological disorders. If you or your loved one has suffered catastrophic injuries as the result of an accident, consult an attorney to learn your rights to compensation. Contact Laminack, Pirtle & Martines in Houston, Texas, today to schedule a consultation with a lawyer experienced in catastrophic injury litigation.Read More

Who Is Responsible?

Determining who is responsible for catastrophic injuries can be difficult. There typically is one party directly involved at the scene. However, there may be several other less obvious parties whose conduct played a role in causing your injuries. Catastrophic injuries usually cause the victim to suffer extensive monetary damages. It is important to identify everyone who may be responsible so that complete justice may be done.

Any party who bears possible liability for your injuries should be investigated as to their role. Every case is different, and the exact identities of the responsible parties will depend on the facts of your particular case. it is not always apparent who precisely is responsible for catastrophic injuries. Injuries may have several different causes, and a responsible party may be liable for the portion of your injury he or she caused including:

  • Employers
  • Vehicle Owners
  • Manufacturers/Product Sellers
  • Medical Personnel

Specific Types of Catastrophic Injuries might include:

Some of the more common types of catastrophic injuries. If you or your loved one has suffered catastrophic injuries as the result of an accident, consult a lawyer to learn about your rights to compensation. Contact Laminack, Pirtle & Martines in Houston, Texas, today to schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney to discuss your case.

  • Brain Injuries
    Each year thousands of people suffer brain injuries that permanently affect their ability to work and do the simple tasks necessary for daily living. There are two general types of head injuries, open or closed. An open injury means the skull has been fractured, while a closed head injury does not involve a fracture. Both types of brain injury can cause paralysis, loss of vital body functions and death.

    Surprisingly, one does not have to be traveling at a high rate of speed or have one's head strike an object, such as a steering wheel or windshield, to suffer a traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries can be caused by falls, minor car accidents or sport-related activities. Trauma to the head or neck region can cause the brain to bruise, bleed, tear and/or swell.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
    The type of activity giving rise to spinal cord injuries varies by age, with sport-related spinal cord injuries more common in children and teenagers, while work-related spinal cord injuries (especially from construction work) predominate in adults. Common causes of traumatic injury to the spinal cord include motor vehicle accidents, acts of deliberate violence, falls and sports injuries (including diving)

    Spinal cord injuries impose a tremendous burden on both the affected individuals and society at large, with costs that are staggering. The quality of life for individuals with spinal cord injuries has greatly improved in the last 60 years. This has been especially true in the last two decades. Statistical data published by the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center reflects continuing improvements in life expectancy and a reduction in the severity and occurrence rates of life threatening spinal cord injury complications. Improvements in standards of care, adaptive equipment, environmental modification and legislation benefiting the disabled have enhanced and enriched the lives of many injured individuals and their families.
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